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Prescott is one of the busies Class D airspaces in the country. In addition to ERAU, there are several other flight schools and a large general aviation base located at KPRC. Care should be taken during peak times (Monday through Saturday) from 0800-1600 as flight training activity occupies both the traffic pattern and the surrounding practice areas. Be advised of a high volume of helicopter traffic in the area.

Prescott Airport has a field elevation of 5,045 feet. On hot days, the density altitude can get extremely high. Though hot temperatures are not anticipated during SAFECON, caution is advised to changes in flight at higher altitudes

Due to the extensive amount of flight training that occurs in the vicinity of the Prescott Airport, practice areas have been developed and are utilized daily by most local operators. The practice areas begin at a 38 NM radius from the Drake VOR (DRK). The practice area frequency should be monitored at all times when operating within this radius and frequent position reports are highly requested and recommended.


Legend Aviation is the premier FBO at the Prescott Airport. Legen Aviation has also extended its offer to help schools in any way possible during the Region II SAFECON and will be the sole provider of fuel during the competition.


Arizona Air-Craftsman, with over 4 decades of experience, was acquired by Legen Aviation to provide airframe and engine maintenance and engine rebuild services. An extensive library on airframe and engine components is maintained to assure quick access to any information needed to serve its customers.

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